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They’re the rarest kind of playing cards in the game as a consequence of solely being available at the time of the character’s birthday week. However, their debatably ineffective skill, lack of an outfit, and the fact that they’re out there in the cache at a charge and the costly Master Rating requirement make them not worth rolling for except if you like the character, want to learn the aspect story, or are a collector. At the top of the week, the Wicked Twisters battle Susukichi but are practically defeated. Yoo Jinho is at college, whereas Jin-Ah and Song-Yi are seen laughing together. Rui is brought in as the events director in the absence of the original, whereas Aktio is later introduced to be a backup dancer.

High schoolers Rindo Kanade and Tosai Fret Furesawa are suddenly drawn into the Reapers’ Sport, a contest for the lately deceased during which they should battle different teams every week for their survival. Over the third week, the Wicked Twisters battle with Shiba’s Plague Noise, which may erode the barrier between actuality and the afterlife. Shiba declares the Ruinbringers victorious and erases the final place crew, the Reaper’s Game is prolonged one other week, and Minamimoto deserts the group. Through the second week, the Wicked Twisters recruit Neku, revealed to be former Participant Daisukenojo Beat Bito. Shoka defects to the Wicked Twisters near the top of the week after the Reapers learn she turned into secretly helping the wicked twisters, and Shiba finally reveals that he’s the chief of the Ruinbringers and that Susukichi and Tsugumi are Reapers; he declares victory within the second week and challenges the wicked twisters to stand him in one final game with Shibuya at stake.

Overseen by Game Master Shiba Miyakaze and several other of his subordinates, such as tango Kubo and shoka sakura, the group does warfare with the other groups and clashes with the Ruinbringers, a powerful staff consisting of Kaichi Susukichi Suzuki and Tsugumi Matsunaga, who’ve won every previous game and keep choosing to re-enter the next spherical, thereby trapping the other groups in a by no means-ending sequence of recreation loops. Coco reveals that Tsugumi is the lone survivor of Shinjuku’s erasure and that her soul has been sealed in a stuffed Mr. mew, told to be the unique Mr. Mew solo leveling merchandise that Shiki made; the group makes use of their powers to speak with her and study that she has been sending visions of the longer term to Neku and Rindo to attempt to avert Shibuya’s erasure.