Fastest networks in your area is the new alternative to

Looking for an alternative to is the new alternative to

Just like, is an internet speed test tool. However, whofast offers the user more relevant information about their internet and mobile networks that it’s older alternative.

While doesn’t require a user to enter in their location, on, when a user takes an internet speed test on the platform, the user enters their location and the server now provides the user more information than just their internet speed.

Users of get to see the performance of their mobile network in their area and the other top internet service providers and mobile networks in their location of interest.

The result is crowdsourced that means when you take a speed test on, you are also helping to provide more accurate results to other users in your area.

Screenshot of showing top mobile networks in Lagos, Nigeria

Imagine you are traveling from one part of your country to another country and you would like to stay connected on the internet but do not know what mobile network hast fast internet in the new location you are traveling to, all you will need to do is visit and enter the location you are going. It will give you a result of the top internet networks in that area and their corresponding speed. This way you’re informed ahead and know the network to subscribe to once you land in your new location. How cool? Check the fastest internet/mobile network in your area today. Click this link 👉

N.B: is not just an alternative to but also an alternative to

It is the first internet speed test tool launched in Africa for the African market with plans to expand to the US, Europe and Asian markets in the nearest future.

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Fastest networks in your area