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Internet Speed in Africa Report 2019

We just released the internet speed in Africa report 2019. For this report, we analyzed the internet speed of 23 countries in Africa based on the speed tests carried out on our platform.

A surprising thing about this report is South Africa, known to be the most technologically advanced country in Africa did not have the fastest internet speed in Africa.

The same thing can be said for Nigeria which has been reported to be the most mobilized country in the world.

For this report, we analyzed over 10,000 speed tests from various from various African countries.

Every time a speed test is taken on our platform, our server notes the person’s location, the download and upload speed, the fastest networks in that location and stores this information, comparing it with users in other locations.

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All of these results were then analyzed to rank African countries based on their internet speeds for the period of this analysis.

South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria followed each other in the ranking.

The top 3 countries with the fastest internet speeds are:

Niger (29.71 mbps)

Lesotho (28.77 mbps)

Morocco (17.89 mbps)

While the countries with the slowest internet speeds in Africa are:

Sirrea Leone 5.25 mbps, Botswanna & Cameroon tied at 5.22 mbps and Liberia was the slowest with an internet speed of 2.41 mbps.

We have provided 2 visualizations of the data for easy interpretation. The first visualization shows a map of Africa showing internet speeds while the second visualization shows an actual ranking based on speed.

The info has been colour coded with Gold meaning very fast, Blue for fast, Green for Ok and Red for slow.

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